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Versaflux Hardhat Light

Year: 2015

Client: ECUAD Health Design


Versaflux is a redesign of traditional hardhat lights, emphasizing on user interaction in order to fit the needs of an everyday construction worker. Optimized for quick installation and removal from the hardhat, improving general focus and communication on the work site. It was done in collaboration with Scott Tommy Yu-Jan.

The process initially started with a huge number of directions that we later made more concise through collaboration with construction workers from Lower Mainland. This process included design probes, empathy studies, interviews and critiques.


Through interviews we learned that there is an opportunity space in protection and communication. We consider light as a strong communicative tool, it can act as a way to signal others who many not see or hear you otherwise. With this as a theme we moved into rapid prototypes with various materials and techniques.


There was a pivotal moment in the design where we allowed the components we had at hand dictate the mass of our design direction. This led to the follow prototype and later CAD iterations.

rapid-proto_webThe form was later inspired by sports gear for athletes, as well as construction tool elements such as hard edges balanced by large gradual curvatures. We wanted this to be something that blends into a construction workers attire, but lends itself to an athletic form.

sports-inspiration_web cad-development_webexploded-versafluxversaflux-worker_web

For the full detailed process on this project please view the process book here.


We were given the opportunity to present our process and outcome at HxD, a Meetup group centered around health design.