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Transfer Backpack

Year: 2014

Client: ECUAD + Blurr

Blurr backpack

For easy access on the move. This backpack was designed to blend into the design language Blurr, a climbing brand based in BC.

My concept for this backpack was to make a sleek and low profile backpack that served as an easy to access vessel. The typical user would be someone who uses transit regularly, and fits the description of a urban dweller. It is made to be light, robust and suitable for fast access on the go.

The greatly simplified construction allows for a continual sheet of material to cover the main body, creating a seamless surface for water to bead off of. By combining storage pockets and a single zipper enclosure, we end up with a single enclosure with multiple internal storage pockets. This makes it fast to access anything inside the bag without digging through multiple zipper enclosures.

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