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Porous Saddle

Year: 2014

Client: Personal



Keep your saddle simple.

The concept for Porous saddle was to create a seating surface with a membrane-like quality to allow water to pass through it without puddling. I wanted the saddle to have a unique visual language combining pores with a smooth surfaced finish. The part is designed for injection molding in HDPE plastic.

The process for creating this seat was different as it was my first time surface modelling in Solidworks, much of the time was spend doing CAD iterations as I wanted to stay away from sketching on this one. By doing so I was forced to stick to the program and ideate virtually in 3D space for most of the time.

I began by creating a persona based on interviews with local Vancouverites. By determining what this hypothetical person finds attractive and valuable, I can constantly compare the direction of my design by asking whether John Parker would find it suitable.


I then created a mood board of evocative images that suggested the organic forms that I was inspired by.


After a few different iterations and critiques I narrowed down the main body form to a simple design which was 3D printed to check the proportions. The print was done very roughly, this was about 2 weeks after I first built my 3D printer!


Multiple changes were made in CAD to provide a better amount of surface area to sit on, and a wider base for strength.


Specialized composite Porous saddle

The final prototype is a simple but effective perforated surface, utilizing curvature continuous forms and conics to create a smooth form.

For a detailed process please view the process book here.