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LEL Wall System

Year: 2014

Client: BoConcept


Lel was a project done in collaboration with Sie Gal.

The concept for this project was to create a furniture accessory that bridges the gap between the wall and soft horizontal surfaces such as the sofa. The client in this scenario was BoConcept, a global modern Scandinavian furniture manufacturer, whom which we met with throughout the process. We ended up with a multipurpose working surface that can be lifted to adjust heights and be detached to interface with a couch armrest.


We started by studying the BoConcept couch anatomy, and the available spaces in a home setting that could be considered as opportunities.


From here we generated scale models of the couches based on a 1:10 scale and average dimensions from their most popular couches. We refined over 100 prototypes down to 15 ideas that had promising directions.


After critiques, comments, and validations, we moved on and made a full scale section of couch from cardboard and made full scale prototypes. We liked the idea of transformation and having multiple uses for the one object.


We used aircraft plywood and multiple layers of scrap maple and walnut veneer to create a rigid enough body to test our ‘L’ shapes stiffness, and its ability to be machined on the router for the slot.


We developed some simple hardware mechanics to create our 90 degree turning hinge to allow the release of a module from the wall. This was later 3D printed and implemented as a sliding block behind the base board.

lel-wallpaper_web lel-adjustment_web

The final design can slide from a high chair sitting desk to a shelf position (left), or from a sitting desk height to a standing desk position (right).

lel-height_web lel-final_1_web

For a full process outline please see the process book here.

Special thanks to Christian Blyt, Imu Chan, BoConcept, Stas Krakov, and Michaela Rechtschaffer.