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Dot Dot Dot Campaign

Year: 2015

Client: City of Vancouver


Open Data in an open space, easy to digest and impactful.

This project was done in collaboration with Rachel BeattyJennifer Ungaro, and Carly Yurechko.

The intention of this project was to use open data from Vancouver’s database and share information in an easy and impactful manner. 

The process started with a brainstorming session that explored different ways of using open data. During this phase, we met with Marnie McGregor from Vancouver Mayors Council to identify an appropriate problem space and potential ways to target it. After synthesizing different ways of approaching the problem; we wanted to make people feel something rather than just throw a statistic at them.

One of our early concepts was a form of guerrilla gardening where the number of seeds planted or the height of the soil represented a segment of the population. The issues we ran into were related to city bylaws and difficulties in insuring such a design without compromising its effectiveness.

grass-test_text test-102

From here we hit the drawing board again and found a statistic that we found particularly powerful. We based our campaign around the idea of waiting, dot dot dot, as when someone is passed up by a bus when it is too full to let them in.final_location_web

dotdotdot-slides-for-hubbub_page_06 dotdotdot-slides-for-hubbub_page_07 dotdotdot-slides-for-hubbub_page_08 dotdotdot-slides-for-hubbub_page_09

The entire process was consisted of designing, costing, producing, and finally gaining approval for the installation which took place May 2015.

We presented at the Fourth Annual Hubbub at Vancouver City Hall, where we interacted with the staff and public about the idea and received good feedback. This allowed us to refine the final message, location, and timeline.