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Deviate: SFU Collaboration

Year: 2015

Client: SFU School of Beedie

Deviate was a collaboration between Industrial Designers and SFU business students where the goal was to allow business students to take a hands on approach and create a product themselves. Our job was to facilitate and aid them on their journey from product sketching to life cycle analysis and final manufacturing and packaging.

sfu_1 The space was made available in makerlabs where students met weekly with us in a half classroom, half studio environment. This was a unique opportunity to see a product as a circular economy, and to deviate from traditional teaching practices.


Students were challenged to make meaningful design decisions and create a product that utilized waste material, and repurpose it into a product of value.

sfu_3 sfu_2

The final step was to provoke a sense of refinement in their products through an appropriate use of symbolism and story telling.