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Appairy Desk Phone

Year: 2016

Client: Appairy Supercomputing

This project was done in collaboration with Roman Rak.

We were asked to design an office phone that implements both hardware keys and android touch screen buttons. The final design is injection molding ready, and has the correct specifications for production.

We started with some basic ideas and CAD iterations based around different value propositions, cost levels, and screen sizes.

2016-05-17_3-assy-00036-aAfter developing some of the basic forms we moved onto the Android UI. We added the android screens over top of our solidworks model to better understand the relationship between the object and the UI.


Our initial concept utilized an angle adjusting screen, which we later removed to reduce the complexity of the phone.


Our near final design utilizes the thin bezel to hide the mass at the back where the board is housed. The base sheet metal base provides weight and balance for the phone to stand upright at an optimal viewing angle. We designed the base to be 95% efficient to reduce the amount of metal lost in production.

2016-10-20_2-proto-model-cgi-5-in-display-right-side-1 2016-10-20_5-proto-model-cgi-5-in-display-left-side-1-hset-removed 2016-10-20_6-proto-model-cgi-5-in-display-back-left-side-1