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What can I do for you?

Solving the complex problems between product development and the hands of an end-user.

I believe that as time passes, the line between industrial designers and interaction designers is becoming blurred. We need to adapt our role as a designer to provide creative equity and bring technical understanding to the table. The ability to bridge the gap between design, manufacturing, and the expression of an object based on a central set of criteria is important. I consider this combination of practical and critical skills as a New age designer.


Designers act as a connection between an end-user and the team of professionals working behind the scenes; a balance of the two ends is critical to a satisfactory and successful end product. My goal is to create something that offers a unique experience, and lives up to the level of firmness, functionality, and delight that it should have! I do this through the use sketching as a communicative tool, 3D printing, and co-creation with experts in their field to determine the best path to an end product.




  • Education

    Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Bachelors in Industrial Design
  • CAD

    Professional Solidworks experience, Polygonal modelling and animation, Photorealistic product rendering
  • Prototyping

    3D Printer owner + builder, Wood shop experience, Rapid prototyping ability
  • Mentoring

    Teacher Assistant SFU business, ECUAD teaching experience, ECUAD Health Labs co-creation,
  • Ideation

    Well versed in product sketching, Physical + digital ideation techniques, Co-Creation methods + Brain storming
  • Graphics

    Multiple years of Adobe software experience, Vector graphics and Image editing, Video editing + After effects

For more detailed information about me, please view my resume.

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